Tornado: A political dialogue

In this fictional post apocalyptic world, the leaders of the space race convene in space to discuss our way forward.

By Karl Idowu

The year 2027

Date : Unknown

Location: Space X moonbase

A white light shoots across the windows as not so young peter thiel looks down at what he once called home. He is joined by his pals,a rogue gang of new world leaders, Richard 76, Mark 42, Elon 56 and Jeff 63. They all grab their prepared drinks of choice as they wonder into the dining failities which houses the crew and families of the select survivors chosen to start life after the war which no one could have predicted, has whipped out most of their loved ones and distant family members. I just an engineer, in this case a fly on the wall, in the grand scheme of things listened in as they spoke and I must say the conversation really had my mind wondering. Not because of the severity of the issues addressed but because of the perspective they viewed the world in. This conversation ranges from what went wrong that year? Where the signs there? How could it have been fixed? Was it wrong we didn’t explain the true severity and how did they get away it?

Now for the average engneer like myself lucky enough to be prevy to survive, my recollection of events portrayed the violence as a necessity at the time due to false propaganda and an uneducated understanding of what was really going on. I was none the wiser of the consequences of the actions of our leaders and the absolute thirst for power which led to were we are today. All i cared about just like the mere masses were miniscule and none revolutionary or even important matters. There were signs but hey who cares what’s going on 2000km away? As long as i was safe and had my little material things, yes my little ideas of comfort and success.  My sense of danger idle and keen eye for economical and political developments left me uninterested after a while. Now as a reader I know you’re dying to read what was said to find the answers to the future you seek, before i proceed i would remind you that my account may be abit woozy and this was only based off what i was able to overhear however i still feel it will be insightful and helpful in preventing us getting to this point if found in the past.

The conversation from when I started listening in, began with Elon

A little background on the chums

Elon. He stands counting earth days at roughly age 56 which is why we call him Elon 56. Elon according to earth records was a South Afrrican-born Canadian-American business magnate, investor, Engineer,and inventor. He started a number of companies just like his counterparts  and their genius led them to success but absolutely noone could have predicted the failure of his car venture or solar power demise.

I mean how could they? It had over taken ford and Gm in market share and was well on the way to becoming the greatest ecological protectionist company on earth. I mean everyone saw and believed in his vision so what went wrong? How could this have happened? we also wondered. The answer to this question was being answered by the powerful man himself.

Elon 56: It’s funny how shortsighted they were.

Jeff: Oh not this again Elon!

He excalimed to the unwavering tongue of elon

Elon ignores with an arrogant stare away

Elon 56: I’m just saying I feel the real the problem was the shortsighted approach we all had as human of earth 1.

Richard: Not all of us he sniggers with content

Richard: Some of us saw and predicted it before others

Jeff:  “We’ve all heard your virgin stories as he glances at Richard and continues but as you know old man it’s not who did it first but it’s who did it best.

Elon 56: Technically guys I did it first. Needless to say we all did it pretty successfully or else we wouldn’t be here. Now back to what i was saying. I believe the short sighted nature of the human race led us to lose trust in the global agenda which led to a fall in our faith in humanity which ultimately led to our demise.I should have showed and expressed my vision more. I blame myself.

Mark: That an easy cop out for not choosing not to understand the root cause of the actual problem i feel was connecting people to each other and this over flow of information accelerated our destruction. I blame myself

Jeff: You can’t blame yourself for wanting to revolutainze the world. Look at amazon who knew that the enhancing delivery and processes like i envisioned would lead to new ways of transporting the worlds worst encrypion and products. I blame myself.

Richard: Nah I’m fine really, I did nothing but good for the world and that’s how i will be remembered.

Mark: Oh really? you feel that way, we had viison of changing and helping the world. were they perfect i think not but are none of us here without blame? It is irresponsible to sit down here and say we all weren’t to blame for the human race are the blame for where we are and that unfortunately includes us as well as the perished.

Richard: I was not responsible for the attrocities of the war but was just a mere survivor. If having prior knowledge about the events due to my ability to keep informed and be prepared made me a bad person then who are the goods one left I ask?

Silence across the room.

Richard: I grow tired of the buffonery exhibited when throwing blame from one person to another. We were part of the solution but were shunned , who fault is that.The events were present for everyone to see and the outcomes not so difficult to deduce.

Elon; You say this like they were there for the naked eye to see

Richard: Well if you must make us recollect the events i believe we have enough time.

Mark: We’ve studied this and know this

Richard: yes we have but you still are as clueless today as you were decades ago don’t forget your sheltered harvard life. Now I think events really began in syria. Let’s put aside, for the time being, that the Trump administration openly admitted it had no clue what it was going to do in Syria after the airstrikes. Or that key members of Congress and in the administration were clearly eager for “regime change” in Syria with no plan for the aftermath. And the fact that hardly anyone seemed to care that Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev said that the strikes put the US “on the verge of a military clash with Russia” – a nuclear power with thousands of warheads.

Mark: We all know this didn’t start with trump

Elon: True trump was a mad man but this started with bush and blair

Jeff: I’ll have to admit that this began before Donald. It really had to do with Oil money, power,corruption and greed. This was in the system before him. I mean are we going to act like the attrocities committed in countries which included Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, North korea beginning in 2003 till 2019 all began with donald?

Mark: Murdoch and the media had the people fooled the cover ups and promotion of the singular western ideology was a terrible doctrine looking back. I mean i remember the first real reports that got to me. It involved US airstrikes claiming the lives of 200 civilians in Iraq, as well as dozens being killed in separate strikes supposedly aimed at Islamic State in Syria and several more women and children died in a raid gone awry in Yemen.

Richard: Those were just a few examples of the many attacks launched under the pretext of defeating Isis, don’t be naive how much good were these attacks that wreaked havoc on civilian populations? i mean the US military ramped up its bombing campaigns in multiple counties but were never tried.

Elon: At the same time, the Trump administration was expanding official US “war zones” in Somalia and Yemen, while working to “make it easier for the Pentagon to launch counterterrorism strikes anywhere in the world”.This alongside loosening restrictions on preventing civilian deaths that were put in place by the Obama administration was only going to create more problems than it was ever going to solve.

Peter: I’ve heard enough of these naivity, the best and most appropriate course of action was taken I believe, like are we going to sit here and pretend Bashar al-Assad  wasn’t a monster and a butcher? Do you  also want to pretend the people of Syria didn’t suffer incredibly? Or are we now going to pretend North Korea wasn’t potentially dangerous and unpredictable? Iran was far from innocent on the world stage which was the same with Iraq and Russia not minimising all the other threats to world peace.

Richard: The issue wasn’t these countries intervening in the American way of life but America intervening in these countries and situations that didn’t need them. We aren’t here talking about what ifs because we’ve seen what happens. We are on a space station looking at the wreck! the real issue here is how without knowing the protector needed to be protected and the defender became the defended. How could the blind lead an army?

Peter: Stop stop stop, we all knew other things were going to kill us. We had climate change in full force, uncontrollable weather disasters, religious wars, famine, droughts left and right. If anything the nuclear tensions were a distraction from all these things.

Mark: So because all these were coming, it wasn’t our jobs to save the world?

To be continued.

Author: TheMindofKarl

Articles and stories brought to you by Karl Idowu

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