In this fictional universe, a question on human morality is posed.

By Karl Idowu

As Adam Hampshire a 41 year old, 6 foot, brown cocoa kissed skinned, fairly handsome, 5 o’clock shadow bearded, Hedge-fund CEO from an unknown city wakes up and wipes his eyes. He looks around and to his utterly disbelief he is stuck in a glass rectangular room. He looks up from this foreign feel bed and instead of his view of the city he sees nothing but panels. He panics and looks around to discover he isn’t alone. There’s nothing but a desert and a tar road to his front surrounding  this box like structure right in the middle of what he assumed to be foreign wasteland. As he glances around, he suddenly sees 5 other people begin to slowly regain consciousness.

He looks around and to his amazement he sees Priscilla, his wife, a 39 year old, blue eye, brunette, talent manager to the biggest names in the acting world. She seems to be regaining consciousness and instinctively he races to his spouse’s side but as he runs to her side he also see his mistress Faith. A 31 year old, blonde, blue eyed, Belgian born assistant. He looks shocked but before he can digest the situation he sees his son hunter, a 19 year old some might say younger lookalike university first year student and beside him his daughter Beatrice a 16-year-old Free spirit. Beside them there is another figure. A figure unknown to Adam, a vanilla colored fellow, tall but strikingly handsome and muscular. As he tries to understand what is going on, there comes a voice.

Vuykm: “ Welcome to the cube. I am your host, The Magnificent Vuykm, you have been chosen because you are all filthy and the court of public opinion has deemed your actions immoral. I know, as you are well aware you must face the judgment.

Adam: We have done nothing wrong we are innocent Vuykm

Vuykm: You shall be the judge, I ..

Priscilla: What is wrong with you, you sick bastard

Vuykm: Silence

As the tone of his voice changes she immediately loses her ability to speak. She gasps for the words but nothing. She is without speech. This little show shocks everyone and leaves the stunned room in silence.

Vuykm: Now without interruption i shall continue. You can either be lucky or unlucky today the choice is yours. Your choices in life have led your here but today you have the chance to either survive or die. You must choose one person to die in 2 hours, failure to do so will result in you all dying.

They shriek in panic but without making the faintest of noise

Vuykm stops to see if any wanted to go against his wishes but no one was that stupid.

He Continues

Vuykm: Now to help you with your decision every 10 minutes your sins related to just each other will be streamed on the walls around you. All these misdoings should be considered when making the decision.

Suddenly they hear a loud siren and before they regain composure.

Vuykm: 1

Before they catch a whiff oxyhogen, the solution to carbon emissions, videos showing Adam having passionate intercourse in his office with faith begin to stream all around them.

As they all try to avert their gaze, the bombardment of noises leaves them trapped wishing it to be over. In the video  Adam is viciously bending over and slowly  passionately thrusting into faith, as they both look into each other eyes as they exhibit passion you hear them saying.

Adam: Urgh! my wife will never be as good as you. Oh my God, you feel like heaven!!!!!!!

Faith: I am heaven baby. Forget your wife, she has no place in our new happy life.

As this is looped repeatedly Priscilla regains her voice and begins to scream and cry at Adam for his wrongdoing.

She is in shock and screams

Priscilla: You whore you should die for destroying my family as she races towards faith. I hope you die you disgraceful shit

As tensions begin to escalate, insults are thrown; a fight begins to break out. Panic is all over the room and suddenly the voice of Vuykm shouts

Vuykm: 2

A siren resounds throwing them back into a state of confusion and suddenly another stream appears this time. It is Priscilla in her daughters bed with this man who had been unknown to Adam. In the video we see Priscilla going down on her knees and grabbing Diego the man previously Supposedly unknown to everyone. As this stream plays Adam and the family turn and look at Priscilla in disbelief and he cries

Adam: You hypocritical, lying, good for nothing bitch. how dear you insinuate I die when you have been doing the exactly the same thing.

They seem to be spurred on as everyone begins to choose a side but this doesn’t last too long although the intensity and obvious increased disdain can obviously be felt in the air.

Faith: I told you she was bitch

Adam: I should have believed you

Hunter and Beatrice finally after looking in disbelieve this whole time begin to criticise and curse their parents.

Hunter: You should die for being so selfish and not realising the impact of your actions

Beatrice: I can’t believe this

As they continue to throw accusations Vuykm voice reappears

Vuykm: 3

Streamed across the room Is a video of hunter in a hotel. He is walking towards a room and the Closed Circuit television recording shows a woman open the door and we hear a voice which sounds exactly like faith is heard saying “been waiting for you baby”.

As they bicker faith and hunter deny any wrongdoing but as they try and do this Vuykm’s voice reappears

Vuykm: 4

A stream reappears showing faith and them engulfed in a heated passionate exchange in the elevator of the same hotel.

At this point they are white as milk and grasping for whatever space they can find to escape Adam charging at them. His obvious mannerisms aren’t being led by anger but by confusion. He finds his world crumbling and knows no one to blame and as we are left in his head as he charges to them his thoughts are engulfed with a need to kill faith for betrayal and a longing to kill his wife for being a hypocrite.

Before he is able to digest any of these emotions

Vuykm: 5

A new viewing is shown. This time it is his daughter. The shock on his face is because this time not only is his young daughter having sex. She is having sex with the man with a man in a bed. This isn’t just any bed but it is the same bed this same man had been having sex with his wife As they all begin to despair looking crushed and unable to decide or speak

At this point Vuykm’s voice reappears

Vuykm: 6. Who die and by the way to help with your decision one of you has been unfaithful to the group and contacted a disease. You are dying anyways but you can be cured. This revelation changes the rule. You can now secretly vote for the individual they believe did it and if they get it right they leave but that person dies.

If you get it wrong they all die.

If the person confesses or shows any sign of accepting they all die.

If someone falsely accepts responsibility they all die.

As they ponder who it may be, the lights go down and a timer comes on. This countdown is 30 minutes. As they are sat in silence and disbelief, each begins to think about their lives and how they got into this situation. Questions involved the likes of what do I do? Who do I pick? Should we all just die? Are we all as bad as the other? They look around at each other but hear and see nothing but the countdown to the end of their lives.

To be continued……..

Author: TheMindofKarl

Articles and stories brought to you by Karl Idowu

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