Distance: Questions about the future of Love part 1

A look into the future of love with the ever growing choices we have in the world.

In the 21st century, love has never been simpler but more complicated. Why? It is easier than ever to connect and disconnect with people you think you may or may not love but the question is, how beneficial is this? I as a person who has loved, been loved and seen the effects it has on the psyche find some questions I cannot answer. For example, will I ever find a partner for life or will I be lost in a pool of partners who give me fulfilment for the moment but not for moments?

Will the fact I care for someone now mean I will be unable to care for others in the future? Sometimes I ponder on the choices I made while in relationships and wonder if I had no other choices would the outcome still have remained the same? It’s easy to say life goes on and there’s plenty more fish in the sea but with the way life is going today, will the sea continue to be prosperous. Everywhere you turn your darkest desires can be met but what about the things that aren’t supposed to be easy to get?

Everyone screams about a soft and easy life but I question is life supposed to be so simple as the hardships or up and downs build an equilibrium which I believe is essential, so in a world running close to trying to extinguish what makes life difficult where does the new equilibrium stand? Even I am a guilty advocate for enjoying life but in terms of a relationship, I see the need for some hardships and I question what hardships are and aren’t acceptable as we progress in this ever increasingly pleasure filled times.

Does the need for peace of mind trump companionship or are we saying that because it is easy to find a companion, peace of mind is now at the forefront of our decisions? With the flick of a wrist a “companion” can show up and tell you whatever you need to hear but is that companion also ready for the difficulties that come with the tough times? Love when described in marriage vows look at a partnership supposed to last till death but nowadays people are only there for the good and say they didn’t sign up for the bad. It makes me wonder that if the good times don’t last as long as expected due to the ever increasing equilibrium of life and our demands, will the eventual bad times just make partners remember of the ever growing choices available to them?

I don’t think that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to change their minds but the rapid need for gratification and urgency in results we are growing to expect scares me because with an increase in this I wonder if people are really prepared for the bad times that eventually result in a form of equilibrium. 

To break it down further I believe it is much easier to maintain a long distance relationship with someone due to how many means of communication you now have, but is the connection stronger or is it just much easier to hide who you truly are? In a relationship where people have to actually connect in a confined space and learn everything about someone, reaction during the bad times cannot just be as easily masked or hidden by tapping a button as we learned during the pandemic.

However, building a longer term connection with someone over a phone can have a certain level of comfort which we can get accustomed to quite easily. It makes me ask the question in the future will people want to just have connections over technology or will they be willing to endure the bad moments or hardships that actually come from being in person with someone for prolonged periods of time. Examples we see growing are financial issues, mental health issues and just a general decline in certain aspects we began to get accustomed too. We understand that as humans we are obviously busy creatures with distinct things that give our lives meaning but what happens when those things now no longer require separation from our companion? What happens when we can go to school, work and conduct all physical requirements from the comfort of our homes? Will we want to be more or less connected from our companions? Will the feeling of being trapped increase and thereby lead us to try and have more choices or will this create a perfect situation and need for having a singular lifelong companion?

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