An Absence of Peace

In this article we look at the fleeting ability to obtain peace in this ever more connected world

Much can be understood from looking at stress and how it can or was overcome. For a large part of my adult life, I find myself dealing with trying to reduce my stress than actually trying to understand the root causes. Sometimes I wonder why does everyone feel stressed? I understand for some it could as a result of trying to figure out the best path to success in business or love or just life in general but I see myself stopping at the question, will stress ever stop? In present days’ relaxation comes at a cost as outlets that were initially meant to release stress now seem to be the root cause of stress. 

For instance, social media was a fun way to contact friends or stay in touch with the world but now it causes us a lot more stress that we care to even think about from constant updates on wars or a feed filled with negativity to comparison building jealousy.

Another example was trying to go on a nice holiday as a way to relieve the burden of our workload which now is almost impossible with the constant feeling of dread that fills the days as you are reachable, accessible and constantly in need due to the ever growing demands of the modern world.

Furthermore, with the constant pressure to take pictures or create content that excites followers/friends and prove you are having a great time and have made the right decision whether monetary or mentally, how does one unburden themselves and not continued to be let facts such as these weigh down your mind. It isn’t even just as simple as shutting off and relaxing anymore as even a few hours out of the loop could see you missing out on knowing if there could be a war, stock market crash or even a sudden disruption to the sanctuary you envision as home. 

Even the comfort of knowing you can work and retire at old age with money to take care of yourself seems almost an impossible dream to some as a larger part of that now goes into trying to relieve the stress of dealing with the threat of eminent chaos. It isn’t enough anymore to just try and unwind on a normal day with a good book or blog post, now it takes precise planning and accurate forecasting to take care of the most important thing you possess which undoubtedly is your mind. We talk about the growing need for a focus of mental health but should we talk more about the growing need for relieving the avenues that cause us stress in the first place. It is no longer enough to say just cut people or things that cause you stress out of your life because nowadays how do you even do that with constant reminders always available to you. You say I won’t follow them, well they still not have a profile? You say I won’t call them well there’s still email and so many other avenues to keep connected. With the growing connectivity how do you simply remove someone or something responsible for stress from your life? 

Now this doesn’t mean stressful things and situations should be dealt with or treated like the obstacles to true peace that they are but the question is will our ability to deal with stress continue to improve as we become more advanced or will it dwindle into obscurity. People sell this utopian idea of a world where robots will handle all the work that needs to be done and we as humans will just do more of the things we love and let us assume that does happen, is it impossible to think we will have new forms of stress to deal with?

I find the work I do on the day to day provides me with meaning and a reason to continue putting my best foot forward but without the need to do that, is it crazy to think my new form of stress would come from not having or knowing my purpose in life? They say if we can just give people a universal basic income then people can be free to pursue interest and have but what happen after having fun for so long things that were once fun or Brough us joy no longer are?

Do you immediately find something new or do you take time to search for something new and do we then ignore the fact that the time you take to search for something new then acts as a beacon for stress in your life? Stress and effort to relieve it will always be a question to ponder but the real issue is are we going in the right or wrong direction when coming up with ways to enhance the entire human experience when thinking about this ever expanding topic?

Author: TheMindofKarl

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