Set in the wild Wild West, this fiction story starts to look at what could happen if we fully adopt cryptocurrency in our everyday lives

By Karl Idowu

The table is rumbling as Aj hit’s it with anger.

AJ Malone: Who is cryptopeppers ? What do you know about him? Don’t lie to me i will kill you.

Shonda: Bitch if i knew cryptopeppers don’t you think i’d be with him now?.. oooooohhhh you don’t think i wanna be rich too playboy?

AJ Malone: Don’t play dumb. We know you have an Iq of 128 and are a master of disguise.

He grabs Shonda by the neck.

Aj malone: We shall not take it easy with you and your boss. We will get those cryptocurrencies back.

Shonda: Shit… can i have some?

Aj puts the Vicerian brain reader on Shonda and as it falls asleep, we are thrust into the minds of one of the closest known associate of the infamous cryptopeppers.

Shonda met crypto when they where just young boys interested in knowing about bitcoin. It was the 7th of December 2031, the town of Valkrax 1.1 was beautiful and all it’s inhabitants were happy lounging around in their top of the line smart cars which acts as home on the roads, robots are seen picking up the trash, the sun is shining and as we all remember bitcoin 1xx was the hottest thing in the news. Prices were skyrocketing and other cryptocurrencies were falling. Shonda and crypto came together as young 16 year old Level 4 beings just looking to make some money. They had been tracking the markets and it was a warm sunny day when they heard the news about 1xx. You could tell a mile away the excitement in their eyes as they looked on with share disbelief.The reality of their inability to  purchase bitcoin 1xx left them sad as you could only be recognised on your 18th birthday when you reach level 5. They unfortunately were 16. Two weeks go by and we see a young Shonda and after pestering his older brother, we see it running to meet a young crypto.

Shonda: Crypto!!! Crytpoo!!

As he shouted in enjoyment unable to finish the words cryptocurrency. He races through the street and Crypto finally glances over his shoulder and is startled by the words, he yells.

Crypto: Slow down, Shondsss…. I’m chillin’

As Shonda catches up to him

He holds crypto’s shoulder and tries to catch his breathe and points a dark scream to crypto

Shonda: Seeeee

Crytpo: It’s off bro

Shonda realising he needs to knock his device, thinks the code and the holographic out word facing trading figures appears and crypto begins to jump in excitement.

Crypto: You evil genius

They invest the 5,000 bit gold into the account and being to hope and pray. They had each gotten this from work they had done in capital investment bank and this was the only money they had to their names. A week goes by, it is evident the money has been well invested and the investment is worth 17,000 bitcoin gold and they cannot believe it. They wake up

To be continued….

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